Friday, January 27, 2012

Cute stuff to remember

It's been a LONG time since I updated this blog! I've been way behind. The holidays have come and gone, my pregnancy has flown by, and my spirited little Logan is 2 1/2 years old! I wanted to write some things down that I don't want to forget about this time in her life.
She is a little chatterbox! She talks so much now! About everything and nothing. Most of it I can understand, but sometimes she gets really excited about something and starts rambling gibberish with all sorts of inflection and facial expressions and hand movements...she definitely knows what she's talking about! She says "Bless you mommy" all the time. If I sneeze or cough or laugh. She counts everything, but always leaves out 4 and 5. She says "1,2,3,6,7,8,9." And it's always said really really fast. Two of her favorite phrases are "I have to go to school and play!" and "I want to go bye-bye in the car!" I hear those at least 20 times a day. She also frequently says "What you doing?" and "Come on Mommy". Some of her funny Christmas sayings were "Merry Christmas Tree!" and "Santa's claws". She gets so so excited every day when daddy gets home from work. She runs full speed to the door as soon as she hears the key in the lock. She screams "Daddy, daddy!" with her arms wide open for a big hug. Priceless! She still loves to rough house and tickle and wrestle. She'll say "I have to get you mommy (daddy)" with her hands up ready to tickle us. She is so funny. If we get on to the dogs, she says "No mommy, you have to go to time out, Mundle (or Huck) is nice!" as she pets them. She makes up boo-boos all the time so we can kiss them. And she likes to kiss our "boo-boos" too, saying "Awww, I sorry mommy, I kiss you". She has recently started licking my cheeks which she thinks is hilarious and I can only assume that she is mimicking the dogs when they give us kisses. She's really into music and tries to sing the intro music to all her favorite shows. She also sings songs with me and my favorite is "Wiggle Wiggle Little Star". Every time the song says "twinkle", Logan says "wiggle". It is too funny. She still loves to play with her babies, but if I try to talk to her about the baby in my belly, she gets really mad and says "No baby here!". Probably not a good sign! She always refers to herself in the 3rd person and calls herself "Hogan". "It's Hogan's turn", "Hogan's cup", etc. :) Her favorite toys right now are her new princess castle and dolls, her tent, her kitchen, and of course, her babies. She also loves to draw/color and play with stickers. She is the world's pickiest eater and frustrates me to no end with what she will and won't eat. Most days she survives on peanut butter and pretzels. I've tried everything known to man to get her to eat a variety of healthy, yummy foods and her response is always the same. "I don't like it" as she spits whatever it is out of her mouth. She is still a stubborn, strong willed little girl who knows what she wants, but she has such a sweet, gentle, caring spirit. She loves with her whole heart. She is eager and curious and wonderful. And I couldn't love anything more.

A few (somewhat) recent pics:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Little Gym

Monday was Logan's last Little Gym class of the summer! She has so much fun at these classes. She has learned a lot and has gained a ton of confidence since we started. Her favorite thing is hanging and swinging from the bars. She does forward rolls all over the place, and can walk on the balance beam. There is always a fun group activity at the beginning of class, but it's not guaranteed that everyone will participate. After all, they are 2 year olds! This week, they played with "sticks" (pool noodles cut in half) and it was a huge hit with all the kids!

We've decided to try something different in the fall, and Logan and I are enrolled in a Mommy and Me Music and Art class! Although I'm excited for the change, we will miss Little Gym!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Logan turns 2!

Where has the time gone?? My sweet, precious baby turned 2 and I can't believe it! She is growing up way too fast! Logan is a smart, funny, sweet, strong-willed little girl with the best personality! She talks so much now. We carry on little conversations about daddy at work or what her baby doll is doing ("shhhhh, baby seeping"). Her favorite word is "OK!" She answers every question with that. Right now she loves to play mommy to her baby. She pushes her around in her stroller, reads her stories, changes her diaper, puts her nigh night in her crib, feeds her a bottle, etc. If she's not playing with baby, she loves to color, play with stickers and puzzles and magnetic bears that she can dress up. She will entertain herself for a long time! Logan also loves to rough house! She likes to be flipped, thrown, dropped, pushed, and anything else rough! She laughs the deepest belly laugh and has the most fun! Right now, Logan is going through a picky eater phase. She was the best eater when she was younger, but now she won't try anything new and basically eats PBJ's, Gerber ravioli, goldfish, and fruit. That's it! (unless of course, she gets chips or chocolate!) Logan knows her colors, animals, some shapes, and numbers, says please and thank you almost all the time, and says I love you. She goes around pinching people's noses and says "honk"! She always offers us bites of whatever she's eating saying "Mommy, want some? Daddy, want some?" She still loves to read books and now loves to sing songs, especially The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and she loves playing This little piggy with everyone. And the girl has some awesome dance moves! She has a great sense of humor and makes us laugh all the time! She has decided that both her grandpas are "Papa", and Grandma Banta is "Mimi" and Grandma Bratcher is "Mawmaw". She is getting brave in the pool and will swim with an intertube and put her face under the water now. She weighs 28lb (65th percentile) and is 36in tall (95th percentile). Healthy and thriving! She is still a fantastic sleeper! Logan is loving her weekly class at The Little Gym and is able to do forward rolls, swing from the uneven bars, and walk the balance beam. Her smile absolutely melts my heart. She is such a happy girl most of the time. We are working on sharing and realizing that not everything belongs to her. She learned the "m-i-n-e" word and uses it to it's fullest! But she's also very caring and sweet. She has the best spirit and I have never loved anyone more!!!

Her 2nd Birthday Party!

Her first trip to Chuckee Cheese the day after her birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl! You are the happiest part of my days, my heart is so full of love! I am bursting with pride that you are mine and so blessed to be your mommy!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

We miss our daddy!

J has gone on a guys trip this weekend so it's just me and my girl and we miss daddy!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grammie and Grandpa come to town!

My mom and dad came to town last week for a visit! We had such a great time! We worked on the house, played, ate, and worked some more!

My dad and Jason did a tile backsplash in the kitchen and added hardware to the cabinets.
After: (with backsplash and some of the hardware)

It makes a huge difference! I love it!

My amazing mom made some beautiful cream colored linen curtains that are 18 feet tall to hang in my two-story living room!! This was, I'm sure, not an easy task! But they look amazing and I'm so thankful to her and to Jason for once again, risking his life for my decorating ideas by climbing the extension ladder and hanging these bad boys! :)

My little Monkey decided she wanted in on the action and decided to climb up the ladder too! That girl has no fear!! She swiftly made her way up without a second thought! (Grandpa was in arms reach of course!)

Mom and I framed some pictures and hung them on the wall behind the couch:

We also brought out my sewing machine (never been out of the box) and she whipped me up some gorgeous throw pillows for the couch! She patiently taught me how to work my machine and I was able to sew some too! I'm excited to make some more pillows and some curtains for L's room!

The pillows:

The monkey trying to sew also:

The weather was beautiful so we took some time to play outside:

On one of our many trips to Home Depot, Grandpa introduced L to the tractors (which she called "car") and she didn't want to leave them! She had fun steering the wheel and saying "beep beep". So cute!

We had such a great time together! We hope they come back soon!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Entry Buffet

I love Goodwill. I usually make a trip about once a month to scout out their great furniture selection. About a month ago, I found this antique buffet and I had to have it. I've been looking for something to go in our entryway and this was it! Guess how much this beauty cost??? You'll never guess so I'll just tell you...$40!!! Yes, I said $40. I know, pick your jaw up off the floor.

I love the old dainty legs!

My friend Coop told me about a small business here in Katy where you can get old furniture refinished for a very reasonable price. So, I picked out a paint color and sent the buffet away for a makeover...

I love it!! It's glazed and antiqued and perfect!! I went shopping around my house to find stuff to put on it and I'm pretty happy with the end result. I want one bold colored piece to set on top, but I haven't found it yet.

I love the details!

I'm itching to go back to Goodwill for my next great find!!!
:) Erin